Mind, Body, Soul 8 Week Program




Welcome to the first step of your new journey. Together, we will navigate the roller-coaster of emotions and discover the inner strength you didn’t know you had.

This 8-week program will help heal your mind, body, and soul through various methods.


I am here to help you declutter your mind. Through my Total Transformation Program, I will assist you in organizing your scattered thoughts. This program will help you prevent self-sabotage and boost your self-awareness.

I’m here to coach you through forming and sticking to your boundaries. I will guide you through understanding that “no” is a complete sentence.


Detox your body the natural way — no diet pills required. This program will help you develop healthy eating habits that can help you develop a healthy lifestyle.

I will help you learn more about taking care of your body by naturally balancing your hormones and your body’s pH levels. These can be achieved by eating healthy meals that are vegan and organic.


Heal your soul through my Total Transformation Program. I will help you identify toxicity in your life and teach you how to get rid of it. This will help you let go of what you no longer deserve.

This program is designed to teach you about gratitude and embrace it in your everyday life. You will also be taught meditation techniques that will enable you to gain acceptance.


“Sometimes life seems so busy with it’s many demands on time, that you may feel out of balance. You deserve to lay back, refresh your mind body and soul with Hapi the Soul products & keep your heart light.

Let the stillness surround and unfold you during these restful interludes, and immerse yourself in the fullness of serenity”


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